Memorial Park

Colleagues: Min Hsien, Nate, Helen, Self, Christine, Sonia

Wild Mushroom Risotto


In the tulips

Fairy Valley

Fairy Valley

Fairy Valley

Fairy Valley

Seafood Risotto
Taiwan Memorial Park
Kong Fu zi (Confucius)

On February 28th Taiwan celebrated Memorial day.  This day is memorialized because of the uprising and subsequent massacre which occurred in 1947.  This incident also marked the beginning of what was known as the “white terror”.  This statue of Confucius (Kong fu zi) stands in the Taiwan Memorial park.  Monday February 28th was a day off work to commemorate the events. 

   We are more than half through our adventure and the time has begun to move faster.  This is my attempt to share some of the beauties of Taiwan with readers, and th beginning of my obvious straw grasping.  I am more than ready to be back in my own little comfortable sphere; however, I feel a growing attachment to this, my new little nook. 
   Just when I’m getting to know my children; just when I’ve gotten into a comfortable routine; just when I’m beginning to know a little about being an Elementary school teacher, when I’m learning my neighborhood and neighbors;  and just when I’m beginning to feel that I’m a part of Penglai; the time to return to my own reality is drawing in.
   This experience, while not yet over, has taught me far more than I could have learned in a classroom, from reading a book, from sitting in PD sessions; it has given me strength, humility, compassion, patience, and tolerance, and above all; a true understanding of all the hard work that is performed daily, by my Elementary school colleagues.  My hat is off you you wonderful people (WORLD WIDE).
     I am a little jealous of those of you who will be enjoying Spring Break this month.  We don’t have that here.  There are, however; two days in April that we will have off (the 4th and 5th); BUT it is the 5th that is a holiday, the 4th has to be made up on Saturday,  just as we made up for the 11th of February because the children were given an extra day after the Winter holiday.  School ends near the end of June and summer camp (2 weeks) begins ON July 4th; imagine that. 
   I hope to have more to share soon.  I will take a quick trip to Cambodia during the days off in April. 

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  1. Georgette
    Mar 07, 2011 @ 01:19:02

    Schula, Girl you should write a book , if you haven’t already. You are so well versed and articulate, you have the ability to give life to words and make it easy for folks to imagine we are there . I can smell those flowers, lol


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