What’s Happening at Penglai

Everyone is bustling about as the year comes to a close,.  Students and teachers , all nervous about testing, somehow make it through.

The Student Teachers from Taipei Education University have had their final ceremony and have returned to the university campus for examinations.  These young people will spend a full year’s ex-ternship after graduation.  It was an honor to be a part of their exit ceremony.

In a 45 hour work week, I have 17 – 24 (40 minute) classes each week; that gives me  21 – 25 hours in the office.  We’ve had our share of ups and downs; thank goodness the ups outweigh the downs.  Over the course of the past 8 months we’ve come to know each other quite well; we’ve celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, professional and academic awards; we’ve become friends; we’ve become family.

Only one or two of our group will remain in our office (The Penglai English Village) for next school term.  Two of the Taiwanese teachers will be going to the US (One to study and one to teach); and others may be moving on to bigger and brighter things.  Even our principal will move on.  He has just completed his 8th year in this building (the customary period for a principa is 7 years).  The three American teachers (representing Arkansas, and California) will all be leaving Penglai; however one will remain in Taiwan – maybe in Taipei City.  It has been a most rewarding year, and I expect to continue to learn and grow until my last work day.

We’re making plans for our summer school scenarios, but , those plans are still in infancy; so I will make updates as we progress.  I am also planning for my trip to Mainland China after I leave here.  My ininerary is not yet complete, but already on my agenda are: visit to the “Forbidden City” – Beijing, the Terra Cotta Warriors – Xian, and about a 500 mile (bus) tour of the Great Wall, and another trip to Hong Kong.

Still hanging in here!  Still enjoying it; still exploring.


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  1. Menglun Wu
    Apr 25, 2011 @ 15:09:49

    Unfortunately,some partners will leave Penglai in the next semester.However, everyone will move forward on one’s way.Wish you all and don’t forget Penglai.


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