South China Sea, Graduation, and Wrap-Up

There is so much happening now.  I’m trying to get to all the things I promised myself that I’d get to.  I missed the Dragon Boat Races because of miscommunication; but I can’t let that get me down.  I did visit the northern most point in Taiwan, in Shihmen District on the South China Sea, just about an hour and a half north of Taipei City.

School was out for the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, so I walked through Da’an Park, located in Da’an District; very near the place where our orientation was held in August.  Although the sun was quite intense, I spent about two hours there then had lunch at a Subway.  This was my first visit to a Subway since my arrival almost eleven months ago.

There are so many things and so many people that I’ll miss when I return to the US;

but most obvious will be my students.   They have become so bold as to come to the English teachers’ office to say hello, or to give us small gifts.  Some stop me in the school yard to have a quick conversation.  Funny; some of the very ones that I couldn’t pry an English word out of in class, are those who now prove to me that they did indeed learn something this year.

We have two weeks to prepare for our summer camp program which will last for two weeks.   We will teach only 3 1/2 days each week.  The final day for students is July 14 and our date for out-processing is July 15, then annual leave begins.  We’re all ready for a break; ready to go home; or move on to the next assignment; but we’re all beginning to feel the pre-separation sting.

  Last week we celebrated the sixth grade students’ accomplishments with a big luncheon at a very popular buffet style Japanese restaurant.  All 100 students, half that many parents, and the entire staff of Penglai were in attendance.  We are now preparing to say farewell to them at their graduation tomorrow (2011.06.21).  I will have more pictures to post; most will probably be tearry eyed.

I am looking forward to getting home and back to my high school students.  The break away from them has helped me to appreciate them more.  It has also helped me to appreciate the hard work and dedication of my elementary school colleagues (world-wide).

The top picture on the left shows Taipei 101 from the balcony of my 4th floor classroom

The lower picture is of my 2nd grade class with their completed “Dragon Boat” projects.

The next picture is on the shore of the South China Sea in Shihmen District.  The Northern-most point in Taiwan

This picture was taken in Da’an Park

The group picture is of me with out last visiting school group for the school year.

The next picture is Mr. Liu Grade 5, class 502; he is teacher of the Year at Penglai

Kristy, sixth grade, speaks fluent English

My colleagues and I joined the children in their celebration.

Perhaps 1 more post before I come home.

Love to you all


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Menglun
    Jun 20, 2011 @ 23:09:33

    all members of PLPS will miss you very much~


  2. Georgette
    Jun 21, 2011 @ 02:59:35

    Hi Schula,
    I really enjoyed reading your latest news from abroad. I bet the students in Little Rock will be happy when you return. Nikkis’ daughter Chloe attends Cloverdale , she is a straight a student, on her way to 7th grade next year. I wish I could get her into this program called A Better Chance. I found out about them when they tried to recruit Brandon when he was 13 and a A student also. I let his dad talk me out of it because he thought he was too young to leave home for 5 yrs. Biggest mistake I ever made. They don’t call it a better chance for nothing. I’m enjoying Conway so far. Madonna loves it here which what matters most for me.Oh yeah, at least you can enjoy Coke – Is-It and in the bottle to boot–lol Lookin’ forward to your next update.

    Love You,


  3. lrteachtaiwan
    Jun 21, 2011 @ 05:30:24

    Thanks so much; your kind words fill my heart with joy


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